Dealing With The Most Common HVAC Problems

Homeowners often dread problems with their air conditioning equipment or their HVAC units. Homeowners are often made to believe that HVAC maintenance and repairs are always expensive which results in undue fear and concern. To evade the huge expenses, homeowners try to postpone their call to their HVAC contractor as long as possible. When this happens, problems those could have been resolved easily get aggravated calling for expensive repairs. Most of the HVAC problems will just need a quick visit by your HVAC contractor and need not necessarily lead to expensive repair as long as you give timely attention to such issues.

One of the most frequent problems with air conditioning system is frozen coil or frozen unit. Faulty airflow is one of the major culprits of frozen coil or frozen AC unit. If the airflow is not proper then it could indicate the need for filter replacement. Regular filter maintenance can save you from this issue. If you have failed to pay attention to your filter maintenance needs then you will have to face the inevitable. When you happen to come across filter replacement issues it is best to call a qualified HVAC contractor. It is best not to make any attempts on repairing your own air conditioning system. Firstly, you will need the right kind of equipment to diagnose the issues and to rectify them. Even if you are going to have the needed equipment, you should know where to look for problems.

Another frequently reported problem is faulty HVAC operational cycle. At times, your HVAC unit may fail to turn off or it could go into very short cycles affecting the overall performance of the heating or the cooling system. If your HVAC unit is too small for the given area, it will never turn off or if it is too big for the given area, it will run into short cycles. The cut off frequency will also increase if cold air is directly blown on to the thermostat. There could be number of other reasons why your HVAC unit is having faulty operational cycle. If the refrigerant level is too low and needs to be topped up then you can expect such issues. There could also be problems with the relay switches. Do not push your HVAC unit too far and if you do, you could end up with a complete breakdown. Call your local HVAC contractor immediately so that they can diagnose the problem correctly and take the required corrective measures.

The third most common HVAC problem is ‘non-functional’ external unit. The outside unit can run into problems. The fan in the external unit may not function properly or faulty thermostat could also lead to non-functional outside unit. There is nothing much you can do here on your own except to call for your air conditioning contractor.
You should establish some kind of maintenance agreement with a dependable local HVAC contractor that will take care of your ongoing maintenance needs and protect your air conditioning unit from expensive repairs and keep it running without any problem.

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